Ghost Starts Broadcasting Again 3/25/2021! Spread It Around Like Wildfire!

Back by popular demand, I will be broadcasting again a week from now on Thursday, March 25, 2021 (8:30pm CST). Unfortunately, given the controversial nature of yours truly and the show itself, I have to have back-up streaming locations. So just in case I am banned from one platform, I can continue LIVE broadcasting on another. is insisting that I have moderators for my chatroom before they permanently give me back chatroom options. But given my experience/luck with mods, I’m not crazy about this idea. I do have a Twitter account that I may use for interaction on DLive. If that doesn’t work, I may move on to another platform. Below are the platforms that I officially have accounts for.

Once again, I do have a Twitter account! So please follow me on there just in case we’re taken off the air in mid stream and have to move to the other platforms. Moreover, I will be e-mailing members of the Inner Circle (and a few members of the Thunderdome) in the next couple of days to the new location of the chatroom (you can contact me if you were somewhat active in the IC & you want back in; must show proof). It will not be on Discord, for they have proven that they care more about protecting pedophiles than they do paying customers.

Don’t forget to add to your favorites and/or bookmark No matter what happens to me on any other platform, I will always be able to communicate to you all from here. I look forward to broadcasting to you all once again. And I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for listening. Let the good times roll…

Long LIVE the Capitalist Army and Capitalist Right!



P.S. If you suggestions, then leave in the comments section and/or Tweet at me @CapitalistGhost.

20 thoughts on “Ghost Starts Broadcasting Again 3/25/2021! Spread It Around Like Wildfire!

  1. hey ghost its lordcooler been waiting for this. going to prove everything is predetermined once and for all. hope your ready. love ya man.

  2. dlive is just going to ban you the moment you start talking shit about Biden or chat types anything right wing. you should start dlive ban all right wing streamers. dont trust them they might dox you. starting with vaughn would be your best bet. is there going to be donations? or did your stream elements get ban also?

  3. do not scam us by not showing up today ghost. after that press con you better do a show tonight. also do it on vaughn dlive will ban you and we need a live chat room.

  4. Hey Ghost, this is “Super80Fan” from the Thunderdome, wondering if I could get in on that new chat. PM me for my email address.