Make-up Show Sunday Night 9:00pm CST! Sorry For Technical Difficulties…

Just wanted to extend my sincere apology for the unexplained and very unexpected technical difficulties that happened on “The Saturday Night Troll Show.” To make up for this, I plan on doing a make-up show this Sunday night (05/02/2021) at 9:00pm CST.

All video donos and Instathots that weren’t played will be shown during this show. So please tune in if you did not have your Dono played on SNTS because of the unforeseen situation that happened on Saturday Night.  Please spread the word about the “Spontaneous Sunday” show.

Once again, I have no idea WTF happened to DLIVE that prohibited me from broadcasting for a given time. It was beyond my control and by the time I was able to access my DLIVE account, it was already close to 7:30am CST. So there was no sense trying to stream at that time.

I hope to see you all there this Sunday to continue where we left off. Thank you all for your patience and understand. Cheers to you all!


7 thoughts on “Make-up Show Sunday Night 9:00pm CST! Sorry For Technical Difficulties…

  1. Thanks, but you could of let us know on twitter sooner bwo, probably one of the only annoying things about u.

      1. Would you like to stop annoying me with your rent free, you pedophilic-tard

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