The Ghost Show Comes Back Tuesday June 29th

However this break came about, I really needed it. I know many of you were disappointed for this most recent “break,” but don’t worry; I’ll be back Tuesday June 29th at 8:30pm CST on DLive. There may be a slight change in the way the show is done traditional, but it will remain relatively the same. I want to acknowledge some donations that were made during the show’s absence; Mama Luigi who it up with a couple of TTS’s, Bob Tom hooked it up with a video and Maria hooked it up with a video. Sorry for not being able to play these Dono’s, but there were circumstances beyond my control.

My apologies to all who missed the show, but we will be back and better than ever; making unforgettable memories (and may be some forgettable ones). I appreciate all who listen to the show (even those who hate me). Thank you all for everything!



P.S. The forums are down and are probably never coming back. But it was a microcosmic display of the manchild ignorance that plagues Western Civilization, and may be the West’s downfall.

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