Update on the Update: I Change My Mind!

Now I know I told you all I was coming back this Tuesday, June 29th at 8:30pm CST; but there is a slight change in plans. Now after considerable consideration about the next faze of the show, I’ve taken a lot of different things into account. First and foremost, the weaponization of the politically correct environment that is allowing trolls and haters to report ANYONE for ANY REASON for the explicit intent to censor content creators and/or others. Secondly, the trolls who purposely use racial derogatory language, and other words/phrases that are deemed “hateful” under our current pussywhipped environment, for the sole purpose of censoring content creators for whatever reason.

Given the circumstances, the show is being forced to some what conform to these fruity new standards or the show may no longer be able to continue. With that being said, the show will still be live this June, 29th, but instead of being on DLive, we’re going to attempt to clean up the show somewhat and go back to livestreaming on YouTube for the time being. We hope it will be like going back to the 2019 era of the show. Of course, we are aware of the potential censorship of Youtube, so we will always have DLive and other alternatives to broadcast the show from just in case.

We feel the YouTube environment will force us to curb and eliminate some of the riffraff that gives the show a bad name. Moreover, it will give the show a fresh new start from the direction it was going prior to the most recent unfortunate episode. There will be no more pre-show donos, no $20.20 videos, no donations amounts for the Thunderdome or the Inner Circle and some words may even be unavailable in the chat and TTS. We have been forced to do this under the current circumstances that are beyond our control.

So I hope to see you all there this Tuesday, for we’re going back to YouTube! And hopefully we can stay there for a while without a problem. If not, make sure to add to your favorites or bookmarks to ghost.report.



P.S. The Saturday Night Troll Show will still be on DLive.

P.S.S. If you haven’t been invited to the Thunderdome yet and you were once a member, please send us an message here, with your original e-mail address you used and received your original Thunderdome invite (will be verified).

18 thoughts on “Update on the Update: I Change My Mind!

  1. To resume: you are going to comply to the Chinese communist rules, by movie to the politically correct gayfag youtube ? with no video donos? so the show is going to be about what exactly? cryptos that are going to be so taxed and insecured that it’s safer to invest in slavery? what’s next? a show with people yelling N ? My advise would be to take an extended break before what this show was about is just “erased from history” . RIP SHOW 🙁

    1. The rules over there on Jewtube are very strict. I bet Ghost would not survive on there and probably get his account permanently banned after one stream because someone will report his stream to the soyboy Google jannies and claim that he is spreading false information on the Coof as well as his criticism of Biden. In my opinion, its best that he does take a long break or even use Vaughn.
      Plus the TTS was a mistake in the first place and it took away what made the show good before it became a cesspool. If Ghost does want to survive on Youtube, he has to praise Biden and use the so called official WHO/CDC information on the Coof.

    2. also: “about the next faze of the show” , it’s PHASE not FAZE 🙂 To faze is to disrupt or disturb. Faze is a new word, descending from a word that meant to frighten away.*

      1. >I Change My Mind!


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