A Man Named Creepy Joe – By Ghost

There once was a man named Creepy Joe

He molests Humans and sniffs on fros.

He stands senile on his geriatric box

He rubs his hands at the children he stalks.

He can’t find America on a U.S. map

He lives for children to sit on his  lap.

Keep Creepy Joe away from your house

He’ll fondle you and lift your wife’s blouse.

He’ll say he’s sorry and blame it on the Cuomos

He’ll then smile and say “at least I’m not a Homo.”

He’s old Creepy Joe and he says that he doesn’t lie

He’s anal raping the country and going in dry.

As he’s doing it, he’ll do it with a smile

While all Creepy’s supporters live in denial.

The group who supports him are mob of rats

Demo of ignorance from uglies and fats.

Creepy Joe is the pride of their flock

all while sucking on a big Black co……  Rock.



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