Bad News About Pinochet and Margret Thatcher

I know everyone is going to be pissed off and call me a piece of crap and all that, but please hear me out for a second. Today was the day that I was going to introduce Pinochet to his new friend Margret Thatcher. Mrs. Ghost and I were very excited about adding the new addition because its something we regret never doing for our beloved Templeton. But boy was it a huge mistake.

Keep in mind that Margret Thatcher was a puppy given to us by some friends who found her as a “street puppy.” They offered her to us but kept her for the past couple of weeks as we prepared for her arrival (they fell in love with her and offered to keep her if we changed our mind; I should have listened). Today was the day, and boy was it HELL!

First of all, when she arrived Pinochet kept sniff and licking her anus which was rather disturbing at first, but then he stopped after an hour. Then we decided give them some toys to see if they would play together, that was a hug mistake. Margret Thatcher (a puppy) began being possessive of the toys while growling and snarling at Pinochet. This kind of upset me because Pinochet is a sweet big dog that has never growled or snapped at ANYTHING in his life. But I figured she was just a puppy, and maybe she was a bit nervous being in a new environment.

All of a sudden, Margret Thatcher snaps and bites Pinochet in the snout and jowls, puncturing him and causing some bleeding I never wanted my baby boy to ever experience. This unfortunately was a deal breaker for me and now we’re waiting for the people who gave Margret Thatcher to give her back (its very fucking sad). And after, Mrs. Ghost and I are going to have to go to an animal hospital to treat Pinochet.

Mrs. Ghost and I are very upset, and we feel like a piece of shit for even contemplating this for idea. So obviously, I’m not doing a show tonight. I’m sorry, but this is just the continuum of bad luck I’ve had this year. Now I’m afraid that Pinochet’s sweet nature was affected by this whole mess.




P.S. I’m sorry once again…

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