Show this Baller Friday To Make Up For All The No Shows

Look, a lot of things have been going wrong for me in the past couple of months. And I know most of you all don’t care, but I had to tend to some things IRL that took me away from the show. I know I owe you guys a show with all the trimmings, so what better way to make it up to you than to have a rare Baller Friday Show this Friday 11/5/2021 at 8:30pm CST! It will be a chill Tom Foolery show with early Radio Graffiti, Videos and maybe a movie (we’ll see how things go).

For those wanting the financial insight and straight political dope, I will post a True Capitalist Radio Podcast tomorrow to fill people in on the latest news and commentary. So please be on the look out for that on Spotify!

I want to thank everyone for being so patient during these weird times for me personally. I know I’ve been inconsistent with shows as of late, but that’s going to change as we end this year. I will broadcast on Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve (another scavenger hunt?), plus there will be a Ghosties this year (I will announce the details in the near future). So I’m ready and excited for all the shows at the end of this year!

So thank you all, regardless if you like me or hate me, for listening and your generous patience.


P.S. I may do the Friday show on DLIVE (if they ban me, on, and also Inner Circle slots are up for a limited time before the holidays. Cheers!

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