Did Lloyd Austin Cause the Russian Invasion of Ukraine?

Now that Russia has invaded Ukraine, the reality of a long term global confrontation seems inevitable. But could this invasion have been avoided, was the invasion induced by Joe Biden and Antony Blinken’s failed diplomacy or did Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin cause the Russian invasion with his incompetent (or intentional) actions? The answers to these question come clear when one analyzes the chain of events leading to the present.

It all started at the at Artic Council meeting in May of 2021, when Russia was given the chairmanship of the council. U.S. secretary of State, Antony Blinken, use this Artic council meeting as an opportunity to engage in diplomatic relations with Russia. The meeting between Blinken and Russian foreign minster Sergey Lavrov at the Artic Council yielded very positive results, and both agreed to work together. This was the beginning of a potential pact with Russia. And to show the U.S. was serious about the pact with Russia, Antony Blinken lifted a Trump-era sanction on a Russian pipeline into Germany.

Aside from the lifting of sanctions, Blinken and Lavrov set up a meeting between Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin at the G7 Summit in June of 2021. When Joe Biden met with Putin, the meeting culminated in a modest success, so much so that many believed it was “Good News for Ukraine.” Yet, critics of the diplomatic attempt with Russia wasn’t championed by everyone, and the biggest critics was the Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin.

By August of 2021, it seemed as if the potential pact between U.S. and Russia was legitimate. That was until Lloyd Austin took it upon himself to call Russia’s defense minister for a conversation. It was after this conversation with Austin, Russia became belligerent, hostile and threatening. Whatever was said on that phone call, spooked the Russians back into a Cold War-like mentality.

This is not the first time Lloyd Austin’s diplomacy has hurt America. In March of 2021, Austin took it upon himself to travel to India to meet with its Defense Minister. At this meeting, Austin threatened India with sanctions if they bought Russia’s S-400 missile system. Ironically, India has sided with Russia in the present Ukraine invasion; I wonder why?

Moreover, days before the Russians decided to invade, Lloyd Austin took it upon himself to travel to Ukraine and taunt Russia. In a speech in Ukraine, Austin touted “Mr. Putin says that he doesn’t want a strong NATO on his Western flank. He’s getting exactly that.” Russia then invades Ukraine a few days later.

So who do we blame for the current international mess? Biden? Blinken? Or Austin? I personally blame Biden for hiring Lloyd Austin; this was clearly an affirmative action virtue signal. I blame Blinken for allowing Austin to mess up his diplomacy. And I blame Lloyd Austin for being on the board of Raytheon and have a financial vest interest to cause global conflict.



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