True Capitalist Radio Episode #566 – “Rothschild, Ukraine and Russia Debt War”

In this episode, Ghost breaks down what the Ukraine/Russia war is really about; debt. Ghost discusses, with document evidence, how the Rothschilds are using Russia as a means of obtaining Ukraine geography like a repo man repossessing collateral. Meanwhile, Ukraine seems to have a financially vested interest in sustaining the continuity of the current war in an effort to raise money to catch up with debt payments owed to the Rothschilds. All documents discussed in this episode are linked below.


  1. Ukraine’s Debt Problem Spells Trouble
  2. Ukraine must pay $35 million in fees in February and another $29 million in March
  3. Wiki Leaks Doc Hacking Team
  4. Ukraine working with Rothschild on funding strategy
  5. Rothschild Russian Annuity Bonds 1822
  6. Ukraine Debt Chart
  7. Ukraine’s $94 Billion Debts Will Be Debilitating, Unless the World Helps
  8. Ukraine to issue non-fungible tokens to fund armed forces
  9. Ukraine has raised more than $54 million as bitcoin donations
  10. Ukraine Cancels Crypto Airdrop, Will Issue NFTs Instead
  11. Ukraine debt guaranteed by the United States
  13. US Congress gives final approval to $13.6bn Ukraine aid bill
  14. As Russia Closes In On Crimea’s Energy Resources, What Is Next For Ukraine?
  15. Russian companies continue to expropriate Ukraine’s natural resources illegally

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