What Are You Doing In Your Neutral State?

The beautiful creations produced by the will of nature

Created to perish and become edible fuel for what’s still alive

Horrid reality for such a holy gift

Or is it?

If EVIL spelled backwards spells LIVE

And Love said backward sounds like E-VOL

Then is God a dog

And Satan means NATAS or “not us”


Enlightening aura becomes electric shock treatment

Intelligence has been dulled down to dumb

The creator curses bright brains

While the lamen brain is blessed with dumb luck

Could what we’ve been told have been a fable

And what we are following is the wrong way

Evil runs amuck

The righteous die before their time


Are we supposed to be evil

To disregard the suffering of EVERYTHING

To live without care

And survive like primal entities

Or are we beyond the limits of nature

With an understanding beyond this world

Redefining our destiny and existence

Going beyond the creator’s intention


If so, then let the brilliant shine

And dull those who are shading our light

Whatever this place is, the illuminated made it be

Let the light shine on those who understand

May the darkness hide in the cracks and corners

For light creates

And darkness eliminates

So what you doing in your neutral state?



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