2-22-22 Is The Official Come Back LIVE SHOW!

I know many of you are a bit upset with me about the latest extended break and inconsistency of content, but please understand that it was something needed for personal, business and health reasons. I know I could go on the litany of reasons why, but you all will probably troll me for it or not care any way. Needless to say, I accomplished the tasks I needed to accomplish and have recharged my batteries to be more consistent with content.

I’ve also enjoyed kicking it with the Inner Circle throughout this time for all its intelligent and intense discussions on finance and politics. The Inner Circle provides a venue of intelligent and affluent minds to exchange ideas that can’t be found in today’s social circles; you can usually find me in there. Also been conducting some Internet Tom Foolery with the Thunderdome whenever the mood strikes for such an occasion.

Anyway, “The Ghost Show” OFFCIALLY comes back LIVE this Tuesday 2-22-22! Moreover, I also plan on producing other content, including Spotify, now that I have more time and energy from this recent break. I want to thank all of you for being patient with me, and understanding that time in not on my side. For all you troll terrorists and cyber vermin who’ve been bashing me on Twitter, you all better give me the DAMN I DESERVE; OR ELSE!

So please mark it on your calendars that 2-22-22 at 8:30(ish)pm CST is the date that “The Ghost Show” returns!




P.S. Sorry, once again, for the break; but I really needed it!

4 thoughts on “2-22-22 Is The Official Come Back LIVE SHOW!

  1. Dad, the Jerry Jones guy took mom’s car as collateral for you not paying for your sports ball bet you made saying a team called the “Cowboys” would win.

  2. Let’s hope this show will be a good one, with some appropriate changes in the future, Ghost. Glad that you are alive and well, homie. #CapitalistRight #GX #FuckTheFruityPebbleTrolls

  3. Always keep your offline affairs in order, but give us in the audience a heads up if you can’t make it. It’s heating up out here and I look forward to hearing your takes.