Just Got Banned From POS SJW Twitter, AGAIN!

Well it looks like the most banned MF on the Internet just got banned from Twitter, again. Doesn’t surprise me though, given the kind of fruity-ass, HIV-looking, bull-dyke trash that works at this company. What pisses me off is that Twitter has countless accounts threatening People’s lives, posting People’s personal info, posting sexually explicit content and being out right libelous. Yet, for whatever reason, they decide to ban me for posting my opinion and links to back it up.

I personally believe that People who have been banned from Twitter for mere opinions should seriously consider a massive class-action lawsuit against Twitter; just for the principle. I guarantee these POS at Twitter are still selling all the meta data, and anything else collected, of everyone they’ve banned. The basis of this exchange is for one to be allowed to use the product for which is was intended (micro blogging). If one can’t use the product, then Twitter has NO RIGHT to your data.

Moreover, I think Elon Musk should also walk away from the Twitter deal because it’s a defective product (banned accounts, fake accounts, bots), and Musk should also sue Twitter on the basis of intentional internal sabotage to stop the deal from going through (which is illegal). Frankly, I think it would be cheaper and more profitable if Musk simply started his own microblogging platform, and eliminated Twitter via competition (he’s got the support).

Anyway, I plan on kicking it with the Inner Circle tonight (05/31/2022) because I’m a little pissed at the pink-team players at Twitter, but I will be back for the LIVE show this Thursday night around 8:30(ish)pm CST. NO BS!



P.S. The VOD’s for the previous LIVE shows are here!

8 thoughts on “Just Got Banned From POS SJW Twitter, AGAIN!


  1. Ethan Ralph admitted to getting his army of brain dead speds to flag you down because you made fun of him! You should get your army of trolls to go after his blue checkmark on Twitter

  2. This was most likely Ethan Ralph and his ties to AF Homos flagging you down. He’s an unhinged brain damaged tard that saw your Nice Guy tweet as a slight. It’ll be fun to see what they try to do to get you Banned off Vaughn cause they are all that bitch made.

  3. Don’t get your hopes up, trolls. Ghost needs to be taking a break from the show, he only needs 5–6 hour shows, once every few weeks. Since you trolls have been keeping picking on him like a group of school bullies, then why not you trolls geta fucking life, stop playing your peckershafts, stop watching disgusting ass cartoons, stop being a bunch of sexual deviant, pedophilic, peepin tom, creepy, perverts. Get a life, you preschool educated, autistic, helmet wearing, crippled morons.