Ghost Officially On Instagram, For NOW…

Since Twitter banned me for merely stating my opinion and providing links to sources to back them up, I’ve decided to test the waters on other Social Media. Instagram is the new social media platform that I will attempt to use to give People the “instant” 411 on the show, markets and politics. Now, unfortunately, I am the most banned man on the Internet, so I hope that this account lasts as long as possible. We shall see.

Please follow my official Instagram account: @CapitalistGhost

I will also be more frequent when it comes to posting here on so please check back here as often as possible. No matter what happens to me on ANY other platform, you can always find me here. Its really sad when one can’t even express themselves without being censored by a bunch of SSRI taking, sexually confused, SJW POS. It almost seems as if public access television was the last place one could truly be independent and free to express one’s self; and that’s pretty pathetic if you ask me.

But what do I know, I’m a “bad guy” on the Internet; supposedly…


P.S. This Summer may just be “Ghost Gets Banned Summer Tour.”

7 thoughts on “Ghost Officially On Instagram, For NOW…

  1. I know you prolly not going to use Gab, I would recommend Parler or any twitter alternatives but some of them can be scuffed. Instagram seems to require people to log in/sign up to view stuff which is kinda annoying but can’t be helped, lol

  2. Looking forward to your recent posts on Instagram, Ghost. I have since been created my own account, and been followed your page in case of many people wanted to know about the business, main topics, etc. Cheers mate.