Change of Plans…. Hear me out!

I know there is supposed to be a show this evening at 8:30pm CST, but I am trying to figure out new social media solutions to help promote the show. I’ve currently have an Instagram account, which is not the same as Twitter’s micro-blogging platform. So this weekend, I’m going to try and setup a Twitter-like clone EXCLUSIVELY for the folks who listen to the show(s).

This is going to take a bit of time, effort, energy and money to setup and secure. I’m already in the process of getting this started. When completed, we will have a Twitter-like community JUST FOR US. Which is something I think many in this community would very much appreciate.

I know I owe many donos, so please know I will fulfill all of them on Sunday night 9:00pm CST. So please be patient, I plan on doing lots of things with the show this Summer which will make the show even more fun and enjoyable.

Thank you all for listening…


P.S. I plan on raising the Inner Circle price because of Joe Biden’s inflation; so get in while you can!

9 thoughts on “Change of Plans…. Hear me out!

  1. Why not promote your show on Truth Social, so that you can be posting the show on there while your fans to hit the retruth button and spread the show around like a wildfire, and to be keeping all of us posted, Ghost. So, take my advice, so that you don’t wanna be getting pissed off over technical difficulties and take the night off for the show.

  2. Just go to Truth Social already Ghost. You’re making this way harder then it needs to be. It has the audience you want, plus you can talk about Trump and the vaccine all you want without getting banned.

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