Uvalde Massacre Shows The Future of America Under Gun Control

Since the recent tragedy at Robb Elementary in Uvalde, the Democrats have conveniently pounced on the policy of gun control. This, of course, is a political smoke screen to hide the absolute incompetence of Democrat governance; inflation, high energy costs, food shortages, extreme rental costs, global conflict, etc. But after the shock of the situation subsides and one looks at the event with a rational mind, one can only conclude that the Uvalde mass shooting actual gives us a glimpse of what a gun controlled America would look like.

The first thing one should observe from this massacre is that law enforcement is NOT going to save you in a deadly situation. In fact, The Supreme Court has said that, “there’s generally no duty that exists to protect individual members of the public.” And this was made abundantly apparent in the Uvalde mass shooting. Below is video of Uvalde police arresting and pepper spraying parents who were pleading with the police to do “something” while the shooter was left alone in the school to commit mass murder.

As emotionally heartbreaking as this video is to watch, this is only the tip of the iceberg. The Uvalde officers, who were too afraid to confront the gunman, actually did go inside the school; but it was to save THEIR OWN children. Below is a video of the Texas DPS spokesperson validating these reports.

I’m sure there will be those who say, “Ghost, the police were unprepared for this kind of thing.” But the irony is that the Uvalde CISD police actual had an “active shooter training” simulation as recently as this past March. Moreover, almost 95% of American schools have these “active shooter training” drills, and given the amount of school shootings since its creation, it is clearly a failed policy and may be inducing some of these shootings itself.

So this is a genuine glimpse of a gun controlled America, where law enforcement will not and have no legal obligation to protect you. And if those who are promoting “gun control” are also promoting “defund the police,” then who’s going to be saving innocent people from the criminals who WILL BE THE ONLY People who actually have guns in a “gun controlled America?”

In Chicago, with one of the strictest gun laws in the country (no matter what the media says), children in high crime neighborhoods can easily obtain guns on a street corner. Many of these children can obtain guns easier than a public education. Below is a video of a local reporter who does an in-depth news piece on the subject, including interviews of actual children and their experiences with guns on the Chicago streets.

Much like prohibition and the war on drugs, if America allows these authoritarian Democrats to take away the 2nd Amendment, it will NOT get rid of guns. In fact, it will drive the price of guns so high in the underworld that it will create financial incentives for criminal enterprises to fulfill that appetite. Creating even more crime, more gun deaths (because its easy to shoot people when they don’t have guns to shoot back) and a new normal with even more violent criminals and confrontations.

Joe Biden said recently that “the 2nd Amendment isn’t absolute.” This is treasonous and a lie, for our forefathers wrote the “Bill of Rights” as a social contract with the People, giving them unalienable granted to the People by God (Creator) and CAN NOT be taken away by any governing body. So if you are a true American and love this country, don’t let ANYONE tell you that the ANY Right in the Bill of Rights are not absolute; these People are totalitarian freaks!

So does gun control still sound attractive to you?


5 thoughts on “Uvalde Massacre Shows The Future of America Under Gun Control

  1. Gun control can kiss my capitalist ass, these people deserve to be defending the second amendment rights, and we wanted to be protected against the tyrant government that we have known today. These Democrats are poising our education, food, economy, energy, and even the rent prices to be taking the unfair advantage. Aso for the cops in Uvalde, Texas. they need to protect people at all costs and save the god’s children. Instead, they let them die, standing outside with their wangs hanging for nothing, and being a bunch of fucking pussies that can’t do their jobs properly and effectively. We need to fucking stand up against all the bullshit that the Democraps have been sold their jobs to the third world countries, being the corporate slaves to China, Russia, Ukraine, Africa, and even the Middle East, didn’t care about the people who are defending the constitutional rights, civil rights, among the most effective bills that changed the American society., and they simply only cared about is the money from all classes of the entire population, including tax payers, riches, and even business owners no matter the size. We need to take our country back to the greatness, and we wanted to Make America Great Again in the words of Donald Moneyman Trump, among the past republican presidents that we voted in American History.

    1. agreed. He’s making a mistake here because of his obsession that “Trump is compromised”. Truth Social is perfect for him, and I just can’t see why he’s refusing to go on. He wont’ even go to GETTR