No Show Till This Sunday… I’m Not Trolling Now, I Make Money Moves…

Look, I know I have been inconsistent with the shows for some time, but please understand that I have lots of things going on in my real life and business ventures. First of all, I’ve been day trading almost everyday since early May because retail investors (WallStreetBets) are giving away their money, so I’m going to try take as much as I can before these folks finally go broke.

Second, we’re in the early fazes of the official recession that will officially begin at the end of Summer or early Fall. So I’m making money moves to stack as much USD as possible so I can buy up assets for pennies on the dollar when this bubble finally pops. So I’m beginning to liquidate real estate assets since we are at the absolute peak of the real estate to cash in for merely holding some properties.

Third, its been almost impossible to keep anyone employed anymore. No matter how much signing bonus, wage or perks, America has turned into a non productive society with People who refuse to work. I’ve been dealing with this problem personally since last year with my brick and mortar businesses. So this has been a major pain in my ass, and I think that a recession is almost necessary to force this People back to work.

Fourth, we’ve had a record heat wave in San Antonio that has brought 100+ degree weather for the past several weeks, and heat fatigue is taking its toll on my energy. Factor in the average 80% humidity and you can barely breath out here. Its fucking ridiculous!

So I have to do some more business this week that will force me to post-pone shows until this Sunday Night (06/12/2022). I know many of you are like “Whatever Ghost, you POS!” And I understand, but please know that I am a Capitalist with many responsibilities and I must delegate my time accordingly. So my sincerest apologies to all, and I will fulfill all donos on this Sunday’s show (please don’t pile them on).

Cheers to you all,


P.S. It has been rumored that “The Gunt” had my Twitter banned. This Sunday, the Capitalist Army will make an announcement about this situation and potential retaliation; stay tune!

4 thoughts on “No Show Till This Sunday… I’m Not Trolling Now, I Make Money Moves…

  1. I’m glad that you are been making serious money moves in almost a month. The recession can be happening at the end of summer, or less. Yes, we do need to be keeping the USD topped up so that we don’t want to be going woke and broke. I am agreed with the people who are refused to be getting a job, deserves to be getting a job, no matter what their income they’re making, as long as they’re keeping a house, car, jobs, family, etc. The summer heat is beyond ridiculous, it’s like hell on the Earth’s surface. I will be always patient, even for a lot of people who are wanted to know what’s your 411 on any topics that we want to cover on the live shows, and I respect your dues in personal and business life that everyone has to be worry a whole lot more than the group of immature trolls who are always talking shit about you, myself, and the rest of the loyal fanbase, Inner Circle members, and even the good old folks from the golden age of the Blog Talk Radio days. Cheers, Ghost.

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