Join the Capitalist Army’s “Stop the Gunt” Campaign! He Can’t Keep Getting Away With This!

Since my confrontation with “The Gunt” has gone viral, “The Gunt” has continued his campaign of unscrupulous Internet activities to get back at his so-called “enemies.” In the confrontation in question, The Gunt denied any involvement with getting me banned off Twitter, but this is what he and his pathetic group of mental midget simps habitually do and continue to do. Below is a video of the confrontation between me and The Gunt; notice he’s a bit shook that I called him on his phone while conducting his short-bus excuse of a show.

Since the aftermath of this confrontation, The Gunt has been as furious as the time he got cut-off from the “never-ending-pasta bowl” at the Olive Garden. As with all of his belly aching tantrums, he decided to inflict retribution on ANYONE “he” interpreted as culprits of his humiliation by me. So according to “Frogger (sorry Gator),” The Gunt is doxing individuals who he “thinks” leaked his phone number; and is allegedly using the information from past donations and merch sales to do so.

The Capitalist Army finds these actions by The Gunt unacceptable, so we are launching a campaign to “Stop The Gunt” from the malice (no Gunt intended Alice) and unnecessary (and illegal) antics that he constantly resorts to. So I, Ghost, am asking all of you to join us to “Stop The Gunt,” for he can’t keep getting away with this.

Since the Capitalist Army is launching this campaign, we feel its only proper to release campaign merch to promote the campaign and spread the word about this filthy fat pig!

Proceeds from the “Stop The Gunt” merch will be allocated to Capitalist Army operations. Let this be a warning to The Gunt and his followers, we are fully committed to use all forms of troll warfare if The Gunt continues his filthy pig ways. Remember, this is not our first troll war!

The Capitalist Army will back off when “The Gunt” fulfills our list of demands:

  1. Stop using censorship as a form a retribution! This is what fruity ass Leftist trash do, and “The Gunt” claims to be a “Right Winger” (even though he was once a Leftist POS like Fake Alaska, Dick Fuentes and the others).
  2. Stop doxing People! This is unacceptable in most of its forms.
  3. Humbly and publicly apologize to me for having your simps ban me from Twitter and all the shit you’ve talked about me and the Capitalist Army.
  4. Put the fucking fork down for about 5 minutes!
  5. Do a “Sweatin to the Oldies” routine on your LIVE stream.
  6. Reenact the “Squeal Like A Pig” scene from the movie Deliverance with your new homosexual sidekick in honor of Pride month.
  7. Given your past, officially announce you are down with the “Grope Gang” and sing its anthem.
  8. Have a muckbang of pork on stream and describe the flavors in detail to kosher and halal People.
  9. Find a Black person named Edward and call him “N-Word.”
  10. Publicly apologize to Metokur, Frogger, Rekieta Law, Andy Warski (not to be confused with that POS Captain Content), Winston Fujimori, Josh Moon and anyone else’s you’ve gone after because of the lack of oxygen in your brain due to your morbid obesity.
  11. Stop going to Europe you portly bourgeoisie-Socialist loving POS unless you’re going to stay there forever!
  12. Buy a Stop The Gunt Shirt and going in to a public area and scream “someone try and STOP ME!”
  13. There’s some guy named Vickers who keeps e-mailing telling me to tell you to see and pay some kind of child support for your son; deal with that.

This concludes our demands, and we don’t feel we listed anything that is out of the question. This is bigger then me and you Gunt, its about showing all the Internet (who mostly think you’re a waste of Human life) that you can be humble and show an act of contrition. Thereafter, I believe that some of these folks would forgive you. Or you can continue being known as the disgusting, soulless old sau that you are. The choice is yours.

Until then, the Capitalist Army will be conducting troll war operations that many will see in the coming days.



5 thoughts on “Join the Capitalist Army’s “Stop the Gunt” Campaign! He Can’t Keep Getting Away With This!

  1. Ghost, yeah this guy is bad for doxing and leaking revenge porn of his ex, but calm down.
    1. Even if this guy did get your Twitter yanked, you’re gonna make a new account anyway. If anything, it was probably your own “fans” trolling you for not doing shows.
    2. And if he did get your Twitter yanked, that account is not worth the doxing that’ll ensue in this “troll war” you speak of.
    3. Bringing this drama onto Sunday’s show pushed back video donos and RG too late to start the show. Most of us have jobs and need sleep obviously.

    Otherwise, hoping you can do a show Friday, would like to ask for financial advice on RG then, unless you respond to these comments.

  2. It’s about time that we are loading our guns, strapping boots, and lets beat the living shit out the ralph retards and his shitstream, until we are making that pig fucker scream like a bitch. GET THAT GUNT OUTTA HERE!!!!

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