My Voice Is Still Pretty Messed Up. No show till Sunday. Sorry Everyone…

Now before you all start chastising me for not doing a LIVE show, as you all heard on Tuesday, my voice was already pretty jacked (it happens when you do 8+ hour shows consistently). Moreover, I gave everyone a heads-up that I could possibly miss Thursday because of my voice issue on the last show. So I plan on taking it easy this evening and not strain my vocals, for I want to hopefully be ready to go on Sunday night 9:00pm CST.

Also a reminder that the “Stop the Gunt” campaign is alive and well. And I find it ironic that “The Gunt” has not had a live show since our very public confrontation. The Capitalist Army wants to remind The Gunt that we will back off if he fulfills our list of demands. We feel this list of demands are NOT out of the question.

I apologize for those expecting a show today, but my “voice” is the entire show. And, IMO, ruins the high energy that I bring to every LIVE broadcast. I will get to all the videos that have been donated the next show (you know I’m always good for it).

I will be kicking it in the Thunderdome Chatroom this evening, chatting with everyone in there!

Cheers to you all,


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10 thoughts on “My Voice Is Still Pretty Messed Up. No show till Sunday. Sorry Everyone…

  1. Just fess up, Ghost. You have not done a live show since I called you out for NOT being the underground. Coward… and normie boomer. Now go listen to your brokeback brokedick Nickelback metal, old man!

      1. p.s. I hope you take care of your throat. Don’t gargle with liquor, tardler. And drink some hot tea with honey and lemon juice in it…. sort of a thick mixture, that will coat your throat. And stop screaming like a sperg. Bring the energy is great, but sometimes you scream and yell when you really don’t need to. Listen to old BTR RG… you would cut ppl short, hang up on ppl, not even react to stuff. You don’t always gotta fake the rage, fakeler. But yeah, stop screaming like a sperg so much and gargling with Scotch and your throat wouldn’t be all fucked up. Oh, and stop deep-throating so much BBC at those bathouses you own. You’re a disgusting old queen. In fact, take everything I said back, I hope your throat is fucked so we don’t have to listen to you anymore. You just turn everybody trans anyway, fucking transler.

  2. Take a night off, since these trolls and gunt tards are being abusing your voice for 8 fucking hours, and I hope Ethan Ralph gets the cancer of a cock. Cheers to you, the capitalist army, and remind everyone to STOP THE GUNT, PERIOD!!!.

  3. Ghost: “Oh no my voice fibromyalgia baby, my throat be messed up baby, come on baby my throat be messed up, still get to cash in on my dono EBT”