I’ve Got My Fingers In Too Many Pies…

I regret to inform everyone that I have to cancel Tuesday and Thursday’s show this week because I’ve got too many things going on in my business and personal life. I physically can’t conduct 9+ hour shows and get what I need to get done this week. I haven’t even spent time in the Inner Circle or the Thunderdome because I’ve been so busy.

I know you all may be saying “Give me a break Ghost!” And I understand why. But please understand that I’m currently trying stack my chips and make money moves to stay ahead of the recession at the end of the Summer/early Fall. Moreover, I’m also working on projects for “The Ghost Show” community. Unfortunately, time is not on my side and I have to delegate my time accordingly. Things should be different next month (hopefully).

I will be kicking it with the Inner Circle later tonight discussing economic and political topics. My sincerest apologies for those wanting a LIVE show. Thank you all for your patience!


P.S. I will fulfill all video donos on the next show. Cheers!

9 thoughts on “I’ve Got My Fingers In Too Many Pies…

  1. Keep on capitalizing, Ghost. Always stacking up the paper, so that you don’t want to be pissed off on unnecessary payments, and more money hungry baguettes that can take the money and run. Cheers, and I will see you soon, dude.

  2. This is how ghost sees the economy: Asset prices will fall so he must liquidate, monetary contraction will happen so money will increase in value, when the recession is at the bottom ghost will scoop the big dip, a lot of people won’t be able to scoop the dip because of very high interest rates. The best moves happened in the past years were to invest in crypto and pull out and invest in the stock market and pull out, which is what ghost did.
    Now ghost is all liquid and probably someone will rob him.