My Internet Is Down, I Won’t Be Back LIVE Till Tuesday…

I know what everyone is saying right now, “Here we go with another Ghost excuse.” But unfortunately, my Internet went down yesterday (for like the 5th time in 6 months) and have to wait for a technician to fix the problem. I’m currently on the Internet using my cell phone hot spot, and the reliability of that is inconsistent (just ask the Inner Circle).

So I am forced to come back LIVE Tuesday Night at 8:30pm(ish) CST. Although, I plan on releasing a TCR episode or some commentary on YouTube before the Tuesday Night show. My apologies to all who expected a show, but this is beyond my control.

I wanted to acknowledge Mama Luigi for the recent beers, cheers man! I will read them on the next show.

Thank you all and hope to see you all this Tuesday!



P.S. Stop the Gunt!

9 thoughts on “My Internet Is Down, I Won’t Be Back LIVE Till Tuesday…

  1. Glad that you are making some serious money moves, as long as you are keeping your body cool during the nasty summer Texas heat, kicking the troll’s ass like it ain’t shit, and attending more business and personal life outside of the show, raise the bottles of Spatens, and cheers for the rest of the year, dude. I will be tuning to your show, when it was the right time, and to be making sure that the trolls don’t get to your head like a bad case of narcolepsy, and don’t wanna be wearing the stupid ass straitjacket like a fucking psychopath at the nut house. Again, cheers and #stopthegunt is right all along.

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