New LIVE Schedule of “The Ghost Show” Starting Thursday, July 28th!

I have to be honest with you all, I CAN NOT sustain “The Ghost Show” Live at this “9+ hour” show rate; three times a week. It depletes my energy (and voice) to the point where I tend to neglect important aspects of my life. Unfortunately, when I’m in the rhythm of my “real life,” I tend to horribly neglect the show and my other content.  So I’ve decided to take action!

Starting Thursday (07/28/2022), “The Ghost Show” LIVE scheduling is as follows:

Tuesday and Thursday 9:00pm CST with NO VIDEOS (limiting the show to 4 hours or so).

Sunday 9:00pm CST WITH VIDEOS (ending the show whenever videos are completed).

This schedule will allow me to do the show more consistently, and its the best for my energy and health. The Tuesday and Thursdays shows will consist of business and political commentary in the first 2 1/2 hours, then Radio Graffiti. The Sunday show will be minimal business/political commentary and mostly Tom Foolery, Videos and Radio Graffiti.

So I hope this will be a better recipe for everyone. America is in the midst of a midterm election, and we all need to get a bit serious; that includes me. See you all this Thursday 07/28/2022, its time to get the band back together again!



10 thoughts on “New LIVE Schedule of “The Ghost Show” Starting Thursday, July 28th!

  1. I am 100% agreed with what you are posted, Ghost. I really cannot stand the 9+ hour shows, the video donation spam, the stupid hate speeches made by the trolls, just about everything that you described so far in almost 15 years of the internet broadcasting and journalism. So, cheers to you, sir, and have a nice day. #StopTheGunt #TCRPodcast #TheGhostShow #GX #InnerCircle #Thunderdome #CapitalistArmy #ShockTroops4Hire

  2. Hi Ghost, any way you would consider doing only a One (1) hour show format on Tuesdays and Wednesdays instead of a Four hour format? Four hours is still kind of an extreme/marathon length. Even Ben Shapiro only does a 2 hour show. Thank you.

  3. wow so u IP banned me from here??? why would you even do that? I dont even do anything bad to you.
    Anyways, ive been telling you to go this format for a long time breh, screw the annoying videos, well some are fine/funny.

  4. “Sunday 9:00pm CST WITH VIDEOS (ending the show whenever videos are completed).”
    Are we going to break the 13hr show record?