300th Episode of The Ghost Show This Sunday 9:00pm CST!

I decided that the 300th episode of The Ghost Show will be LIVE this Sunday 9:00pm CST. I felt it would be more convenient for those who want to hear the show LIVE and allocate the time stay up with us all night long. So mark it on your calendars, this Sunday night (08/21/2022), we will steal the night with pure internet Tom Foolery in effect.

I’m going to try to put out a “True Capitalist Radio” show, with serious content, before Sunday night, and I may even have a short (like an hour) LIVE stream on my YouTube channel. So please subscribe, so you will be notified when I conduct this “serious” True Capitalist Radio episode.

I want to give a shoutout to Shekelslovakia for his generous support of the 300th episode, and everyone else who will be a part of the show (Fat Marshall). Thank everyone who’s ever supported “The Ghost Show” since 2019, I mean that from the bottom of my heart with all sincerity.



P.S. Don’t be upset Billy, its for the best!

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