300th Episode Postponed; Circumstances Beyond My Control

Now, before you all start giving Hell for postponing the 300th episode, let me explain. On the last episode of “The Ghost Show” many of you in the chat were saying my mic was going out. Unfortunately, you all were right because the mic I use for the show finally did blow out (probably from the years of screaming at all of you). I order a new mic which won’t be here until tomorrow.

Since we’ve had a lot of video donos come in for the 300th episode, I’m going to leave it up to you guys on when we should do the 300th episode, for its looking like its going to be a 9+ hour show given the current amount of video donos that have accumulated. So I leave it up to you (leave the suggested day in the comments section).

I know many of you will be upset and disappointed, but this is beyond my control. I’ve used this now broken mic since the “underground TCR days” back in 2018, and now its finally done for. It will go in the storage with all the other relics from the show; like the original mics from (2008-2016 and 2016-2018), original computers (2008-2016 and 2017-2019) and all the other things accumulated over the years.

Once again, when should we reschedule the 300th episode of “The Ghost Show?” Please leave suggestions in the comment’s sections; thank you for you patience and understanding.



P.S. I will do a LIVE serious show to True Capitalist Radio on YouTube as soon as I get my new mic before I the 300th episode of “The Ghost Show.”

8 thoughts on “300th Episode Postponed; Circumstances Beyond My Control

  1. Please do Saturday ghost please just like the good old days I mean we all know you like your Saturdays but I think you should let us have it for the 300th episode come on buddy old pal of mine😉

  2. What a load of Bullshit! You could have drove to any store and bought a new mic in the last few days instead of ordering it online like the last pos you are. Do a show tomorrow night scammer.

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