Save Us – By Ghost

Some say simps sour social schools Sad sight seeing sluts "slay" sanctity Society sulks as Satan savors scrambled souls Selective secular shysters sell sick situations Symbolism scripts sorcerous seals Secretly sedating seduced strangers Subliminally sodomizing susceptible psyches Sinful sideshow sex soils solitary sons Soy spectacles surround spectrums Cellular speech sows spineless sanctuaries Subconsciously slowing simple … Continue reading Save Us – By Ghost

“Moar Beer” – By Ghost

I need some moar beer! Make this clown word disappear Evaporate all the tears Extinguish all the fear I need some moar beer! Make things not as they appear My thoughts you may commandeer Until reality reappears I need some moar beer! Yet another astronomical year The past's present is a souvenir Left with emotions … Continue reading “Moar Beer” – By Ghost

A Man Named Creepy Joe – By Ghost

There once was a man named Creepy Joe He molests Humans and sniffs on fros. He stands senile on his geriatric box He rubs his hands at the children he stalks. He can't find America on a U.S. map He lives for children to sit on his  lap. Keep Creepy Joe away from your house … Continue reading A Man Named Creepy Joe – By Ghost